Ziplines & Hot Spring Heaven

My absolute favorite thing we did while in Honduras this year was ziplining. It was what we did on Wednesday. We’d done this about 8 years ago, but the place had gone through some major upgrades and they made the experience 10x better. There is a series of 18 cables with the longest being 1km long. Being that this is not the USA, the safety regs aren’t as up to par as they would be here, but that actually makes it so much more exciting!

After the ziplines they take you to a series of natural hot springs. There are about 7 pools and a few waterfalls that make up the hot springs. Its so beautiful and to top it all off, while you’re lounging in the springs they float fresh cut fruits out to you on bamboo baskets. It’s like you’re living a dream or you’re royalty!! Then they call you out for massages, get a volcanic mud body mask, and then take another dip in the hot springs. We spent several hours there as you can imagine. It was like a little piece of paradise. I wish that place was on my land!






The origin of the hot springs. The water here boils up from the ground at over 400 degrees!


One of the hot spring pools
Us with our floating bowls of fresh fruit!
Us with our floating bowls of fresh fruit!


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