Hi I'm Jess! And occasionally you'll hear about my husband Adam. Both of us grew up in families that did traveling, and for me especially, it stuck. The yearning for adventure forever courses through my veins. Though I most likely will never get to see the entire world, I am content enough with the adventures I do get to go on. And so, welcome to my blog. A collection of travels, adventures, and travel tips!

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Southern California
(Scroll down if you’re just here for the pictures!) On a Friday afternoon, my husband asked if I wanted to take a spur of the moment trip to Southern California. Of course I said “yes duh!” Saturday eve...[...]
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Day 9 – Ascent to Hekla
The day dawned early and the skies were clear above the eerie terrain. We got up at 6am, tore down camp, re-drove into the base of Hekla and began our ascent around 7:30. It was a damp and brisk 38 degrees. I dressed in ...[...]
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Day 8 – Journey to Hekla
The morning was damp and drizzly again. We expected as much. Weather was supposed to be crummy until Tuesday morning. 1 more day of rain to go. 🙁 But I was feeling so much better and as such I woke up staaarving. I at...[...]
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Day 7 – Ring Road Cont.
Woke up still ill. By mid day my fever had come down a lot though. We spent the day stopping at more highlights on the ring road. First stop, Reynisfjara the black beach in Vik. We’d heard it was gorgeous, and that...[...]
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Day 6 – Rain Daze
Day 6 was hellish. Not gonna lie. The whole previous day I couldn’t get warm. No matter how many layers I had on I was freezing. Cue symptoms of getting sick. I fell asleep feeling off and I woke up with a sore thr...[...]
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Day 5 – The Glaciers
Last night we decided to just drive until dusk and then find another random pull off for the night. Sometimes you are in the middle of nowhere and can’t find a campground when you need one anyways. We found another...[...]
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Who is the inspired Adventurer?

Mostly me, Jess. I get restless staying in once place too long. I like to go, do and see! Since 2013, my husband Adam has joined in on all of my adventures and I have loved having him along. He's not as die hard for seeing and doing new things as I am, but I hate going anywhere without him so he comes along and makes all adventures so much sweeter. There's no better way to make memories than together!

Jess Ventura

Jess Ventura

Graphic Designer

All my life I wanted to have my own business. I loved design, pursued my dream, and now I am my own boss. :)

MR. & MRS.

MR. & MRS.

We've been married since 2013 and life just keeps getting sweeter. We hope to make lots of awesome memories together - til death does us part.

    Adam Ventura

    Adam Ventura

    Helicopter Pilot

    As long as I keep flying, I'll be able to say i've never worked a day in my life!

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