Family, Sights, and The Market

Okay so I got super lazy and didn’t post day by day like i’d planned to so here’s the rest of my Honduras trip in mini bites. haha. 🙂

Sarah (my sister) joined us on the 14th. We enjoyed time at our house, had a big family get together, played soccer, visited a couple parks, the neighborhood where my dad grew up and another highlight (for me anyways), went to the big market that is open every Friday in the capitol. We bought soo much fruit and had fresh fruit drinks …. I could live on fruit. 🙂


Airport Security (Security like this is a regular sight in Honduras. Banks, grocery stores, corner stores, pharmacies and more are all guarded with heavy security – military, police or private.)


Visiting “El Piccacho.” A park above the city where a statue of Jesus overlooks Tegucigalpa.




Behind my parents is the neighborhood where my dad grew up. Back then of course the area was wooded. Now it has grown into a part of the metropolitan area of the city.


Shopping at the market, and me glaring at the paparazzi. (aka, my mom lol)


The lady selling fresh juices wanted a pictures with my stud. 🙂


How relatives come to visit us. 🙂


Post church picture with Abuelito  (grandpa)
Post church picture with Abuelito (grandpa)


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