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 Today we slept in, I helped Alissa give our dog a bath, and then got ready to head into the capitol. We were supposed to have lunch with my aunt and then pick up my inlaws from the bus station. I was a little bit panicked about the whole bus situation … my inlaws were traveling through Central America coming from a week in Costa Rica, had planned to stay the night in Nicaragua, and then meet us around noon at the bus in Tegucigalpa. However, since our power had gone out, I had no wifi and no means of communication with them so the last I had heard from them had been almost two days ago. Central American travel isn’t very “safe” and though they had chosen a highly recommended bus line, I was really nervous for them.

We had a delicious lunch with my aunt and visited for a couple hours and then went to the bus stop. There was no bus there, and when we asked about the arrival time they said that the bus had gotten delayed at the border and running two hours behind. Two hours later, the bus pulled in. People were pouring off and I was getting more and more worried as they weren’t appearing. But they finally did. Last ones off the bus. I literally almost cried in relief. haha.

We welcomed them to Honduras and the now 7 of us, piled into our pickup. We decided to stop halfway back to our house to show them a quaint little authentic Spanish village, grab some fruit drinks and enjoy the views. And that about ended day 2!


My parent’s Honduran home


Couldn’t resist a picture of my little cousin – Sarah Maria


An old Catholic Church in Santa Lucia


Views from Santa Lucia


Buying fruits and sweets at the corner market


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