Homeward Bound … or Not

We were supposed to take a day trip to Cayos Cochinos, a portion of the bay islands that have beautiful aqua water. However, we got rained out and the trip was cancelled. So we spent the day relaxing at the house.

The next day we left my in laws at the ferry to Roatan. They planned to spend the last four days of their Central American expedition there. The rest of us headed back on our 7 hour drive our house in Valle De Angeles.

Friday was our flight home. We had heard there was a major snowstorm expected to hit the east coast on Sunday, but we figured we had plenty of time before it hit to get home. But we were WRONG.

The Honduras trip went smoothly until the flight home. Our flight leaving Honduras was delayed an hour. When we got to Miami, flight after flight began to get cancelled due to weather. Our was scheduled to leave at 10pm and never got cancelled. … Until we were ON the plane. We weren’t very happy. Since we were one of the last flights cancelled, we were one of the last ones in line to re-book the flight. Everything was chaotic. Our bags had already been loaded on the plane and they never showed up on the carousel. We called to try to re-book flights and the earliest flight we could find was 4 days later on Tuesday evening.

Long story short, we spent 4 kind of miserable days in Miami. Adam and Sarah were supposed to be back Monday for work and Sarah had school starting Monday as well. The airline did not put us up in a hotel, so we had to spend unexpected money on taxis, uber cars, rental car, hotel and food. Luckily, we did have unused hotel points so we didn’t have to pay for all our hotel nights.

To make things worse, I got food poisoning our second day in Miami after eating at Panera Bread and spent 24 hours puking, and the next week after that barely eating and feeling extremely weak.

Once we were back in NY, we were more thankful than ever be home. All in all it was a great vacation. The ending was rough, but we got through it. Onward, Forward!


Stopped at the beach in Tela on the way home




The was our view for a bit on the road home… hahaha


Why ride up the hill when you can catch a ride?


Stopped for some more fresh fruits on the way home


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