Day 3: Oahu, Hawaii – Smiles and Sunsets

This morning woke me up at 6am. Couldn’t sleep anymore. I’m really tired, so this post will be short. But we relaxed in the morning, went to church, came back for lunch, and then Becca and I laid out in the sunshine for a while. After that we went riding in Uncle Jimmy’s sports car along the coastline. It was absolutely gorgeous! Can’t wait to go back and take pictures, and get in to the water. Spotted a couple jumping spots and a blowhole, not to mention the coastline in itself is amazing with the waves crashing up on the jagged rocks, the surfers catching the waves… such beauty! Such excitement! πŸ™‚ Β Can’t wait to go back. After we got back we quickly changed and got back in the car and headed to Waikiki to watch the sunset. It was spectacular. I only wish some of close family and friends could’ve been there to watch it with me. Everyone deserves to have moments like these. After the sunset we walked along the streets to watch street performers. There were some pretty talented musicians out there! Made me want to grab out my guitar and some friends and put on my one act. ….But then again…being here is making all old dreams come back alive. Hope you enjoy the pictures! πŸ™‚
The sunset turned into this amazing purple as the sun disappeared. It was breathtaking.

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