Mt. Marcy

We finally did it! We hiked Mt. Marcy. Highest Peak in NY. (And by we, I mean my family and I minus Adam. Adam wasn’t much up to an all day hike.)

We’d spent the weekend boating, kneeboarding, tubing, and playing sports and I was pretty beat up, sore and tired. Thus, I wasn’t one hundred percent sure I was ready and wanting to do the hike. But I motivated myself to just do it, knowing I’d regret it later if I didn’t.

We started hiking at dawn. 16 miles and 12 hours later we’d made it back to the parking lot where we’d started. Sarah, myself and our cousins decided to grab Gray Mtn on the way up to Marcy, so we did the mile up and the mile down in about 2 hours and then continued onward and met up with the rest of the group near the top of Marcy.

The hike was definitely long, but not very steep and grueling. I’d expected it to be alot worse. When we hiked Giant and Haystack, those ones seem to take alot more effort.

Every time I hike, I feel the high. I get re-addicted, and realize I want to spend alot more time in my life hiking and exploring – my state, the U.S., the world.

From the top of Gray, we could see where we were headed next. That peak way off in the distance? Yeah. That’s Marcy. That’s where we were heading next.


Top of Mt Marcy. The Mtn behind me is my all time favorite mtn we’ve done – Haystack.












Lunch break before the descent.


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