Day 8: Maui, Hawaii – New Island, New Adventures

It was quite a relaxing day today. We slept in, ate breakfast, played around with instruments and sang some karoke in the apartment with Uncle Jimmy, did some shopping with Aunt Lois (no they’re not really my aunt and uncle 😉 ), ate lunch and then packed up and headed to the airport. We left for Maui today and we’re here now. It was a short flight. 20 minutes. ….Going through security I lost my sunglasses, and got a pat down because I had so many zippers on my capris. I hate security!! Well financial security is nice… lol. Anyways, Maui is absolutely gorgeous. It’s much more green here and lush. The mountains rugged and the roads windy. We’re staying with a friend I’ve known for 11 years almost, but never met. We’ve been pen pals…then friends for a loong time. It’s awesome to finally have met her and her family. We’ve got alot of plans already to explore this island. Can’t wait. It’s so beautiful here. And so tomorrow starts another chapter of our travels. MAUI, HI. 🙂

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