Day 15: Maui, Hawaii – Iao Valley

We were sooo tired this morning. But we woke up around 9 and then headed out to Iao Valley to see the needle and the streams. It was really hot out today and so tempting to get in the water, but we were too lazy to walk back to the car and change. lol. After seeing the landscape, we went to the grocery store, bought some ice cream and chips, rented a movie and then went and parked by the beach and watched a movie in the jeep while we ate snacks. I watched some and then talked on the phone for a while. Then it was time to go meet the rest of the family, we met up and ate Mexican for a goodbye lunch, and then headed to the airport. Almost missed our flight, but made it and we are now back in Oahu. 4 more days…..4 more days and then we’re homeward bound.


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