Little Falls, NY – July 2012

Well I really did this back in July, but totally forgot about putting the video up! So here it is. Back in July we went with the Kennedys up to Little Falls again and went rock climbing and cliff jumping. I’d put the rock climbing videos up but that gets boring to watch after a while. It was tons of fun though. I was pretty happy that I was stronger than last time I climbed! …I was more in shape since I wasn’t just a “college caterpillar” sitting down and reading and doing homework constantly! haha. After the morning of rock climbing we headed down river a bit to hit up the cliffs and the refreshing river water. We started with the fun 15 footers and the boys did their tricks, and then we went up to the higher cliffs to “check them out.” Sarah and I had been there about two years before and jumped the 55 foot cliff, but we didn’t really feel like doing it that day. However….once I got up there the water was just speaking my name telling my to jump in. But I practiced self control and didn’t do the 55 foot. I did the 40 instead. It was alot of fun. The adrenaline rush never gets old. šŸ™‚ Sarah however, is a little nuts! She was down in the river when I jumped and was like “Oh that looks fun. Maybe I’ll go up and look.” Well she came up and “looked” alright, and then said she was gonna jump and before 30 seconds were even off she was plunging off the 55 foot! Didn’t even think twice! Crazy. Levi had promised earlier that if sarah did it, he would do it…so he had too. haha. And Parker did it like 4 times. …They’re all crazy. …oh wait…we’re ALL crazy. haha šŸ™‚ I love my crazy friends though šŸ™‚



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