Letchworth State Park Trek, NY

This weekend was our church’s Pathfinder Camporee which in itself was a great time. 🙂 The last day, after the camporee, a few friends and Sarah and I decided to go and try to find a cliff jumping place we had heard about. We only had vague directions, but we headed off into the woods towards the gorge where the river lay down at the bottom. Long story short, we ended up never finding a trail and bush wacking our way to the bottom of the gorge. All of us except one had flip flops on, and yet we managed to hike quite a ways on the mountain side and then slide our way to the bottom – sliding, walking through poison ivy patches, and crawling through thick brush. Down at the river we found no cliffs, but didn’t pass up the opportunity to jump in the river….and enjoy a little bit of earthy goodness. 🙂 Phenomenal time! We all had a blast…as you can see.

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