And for the second time in my life thus far, I left Hawaii with unforgettable memories filling my heart. Adam and I went to Oahu and Kauai for 10 days. Every day, the sun shined and the weather was perfect. In Oahu we destined to Waikiki, Diamond Head, North Shore, and Pearl Harbor in Oahu. Kauai was new for both of us and our favorite island of the two. It was so much less commercialized, rural, and the mountains were breathtaking. In Kauai we basically saw the entire island and went to many of the beaches.

Our absolute favorite day trip was our hike on the Kalalau Trail. It was by far the most beautiful place either of us have ever been. Multiple times we’d round a bend on the trail and catch ourselves saying “wow” out loud. We hiked 8 miles (almost passed out from heat exhaustion and dehydration :/ ) and swam under a 300ft waterfall. It was absolutely gorgeous. Among other things we did, our deep sea fishing excursion was top of the list. Check out a few of our photos. Pictures are worth a thousand words!

Hubby trying out surfing for the first time
Hubby trying out surfing for the first time


In an old bunker atop Diamond Head


Atop Diamond Head Crater.


The mighty Missouri battleship


Watching him run from the waves like a little kid had me all smiles and starry eyed again 😉


North Shore love


On our way up to Waimea Canyon we found this awesome little stream snaking through the red


The higher up we got the better the views got!


Kauai valleys below


Waipoo Falls in the bacgkround


Waimea Canyon



One of the wettest spots on earth


Wailua Falls


Sunrise fishing


I had something on the line…


a 25 pound Yellow Finned Tuna!


Not as big as the 50lb Tuna though! Unfortunately Adam didn’t catch it though. The grandpa on our charter did. He was so cute.


Sunset from our condo


9am hiking the Napali Coastline on Kalalau Trail. (And can you tell how humid and hot it was already?!)


Wouldn’t want to travel with anyone else. 🙂


This beach of Karins was awesome! On a more somber note, 83 people have died on this beach due to riptides, currents and crossing the river that flows into the ocean here.


Hanakapai Falls. We swam under them. The water was icy cold and the hike in was quite treacherous but every second was worth it!


8 miles in the blazing heat, accomplished.


Our last night in Hawaii we had a fire on the beach. And I have to add that island stars are so captivating! The skies are darker since there is just ocean for miles and they shine so brightly.




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