Day 7 – Ring Road Cont.

Woke up still ill. By mid day my fever had come down a lot though. We spent the day stopping at more highlights on the ring road.

First stop, Reynisfjara the black beach in Vik. We’d heard it was gorgeous, and that it was, but not only that, we got to see PUFFINS! Countless puffins. They were sitting on the black cliffs and flying out to the ocean and then back. They were so cute! There were also hexagonal shaped basalt columns, arches, huge crashing waves, steep cliffs with sheep grazing on them, and a long stretch of black pebble beach.

Next we went on to see a lighthouse and a better view of the arches, and then the abandoned crashed airplane on the beach. I wasn’t up for the 2 mile walk in the drizzle so I stayed cozied up in the car while Sarah, Levi and mom went to check it out. Their pictures are awesome. Maybe someday I’ll go back when I’m feeling better. πŸ™‚

We also visited Sokogafoss quickly. Again, beautiful. But I ran up to the base, took a quick look and ran back. It was raining and I didn’t want to get more sick. Mom ran there and back with me. Levi and Sarah got awesome pictures.

Next was Seljafoss – one of the really pretty waterfalls you can walk behind. But I didn’t get to do that one either! πŸ™ I ran up and saw it, and ran back and warmed up in the car. Every waterfall we’ve seen has each been beautiful and different. It’s hard to pick a favorite!

We camped at the base of Seljafoss for the night. It was drizzling as we set up. Bummer. We were hoping for a dry night. Our tent was still so wet. We set it up and tried to wipe down the inside as much as possible but it was still damp floor to ceiling.

We finally got a good meal in us that night. The campground had a tiny kitchen area so we took advantage and made a big meal of rice and beans. It was. so. good. Maybe it was because I was finally getting my appetite back.

Black beach in Vik
Black Beach
Sarah on the hexagonal basalt columns
Puffins were all over these cliffs but they were too small to capture well with my cell phone. And I was sick and hadn’t bothered to bring my Canon and my tripod πŸ™
The eerie plane crash on the black beach about 15 min west of Vik off route 1
Church in Vik
There were MILES of moss covered lava fields like this. They looked awesome. We called them troll fields. haha
This was just an awesome building we saw off the side of the road. Come to find out it was pretty big inside and ferns were growing upside down from the walls and cave ceiling. It used to be used to house sheep long ago, and also housed a shipwrecked crew of vikings who all died in there so it’s believed to be haunted.
Sarah at Skogafoss in the rain
Levi and Sarah at Seljafoss in the rain



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