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A couple years back I went to a seminar about traveling the world for next to nothing. One of the recommendations the presenter gave was in regards to finding cheap flights. Have you heard of ITA Software? If not, check it out!   ITA Software technology is widely used by domestic and international airlines, online […]

Travel Hacks

September 3, 2015

Looking for cheap flights?

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So I wasn’t aware of these sites until about a year and a half ago, but since then have used them about 4 times. These 3 sites i’d recommend to anyone looking for an affordable getaway to anywhere around the world. Instead of paying for a hotel, which are both boring, simple, and cramped, you […]

Travel Hacks

August 20, 2015

Find entire HOUSES to rent, at HOTEL prices or less!

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St. Maarten is truly beautiful. The waters are the prettiest and most aqua blue I have seen anywhere besides Maui. The people are all friendly and welcoming. An interesting fact we learned was that St. Maarten has two different sides and thus is two different countries – a Dutch side and a French side. The […]

Islands, North America

September 29, 2013

Honeymoon – St. Maarten !!

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