San Juancito

Today we went to San Juancito. We had done this once in the past and I remembered it being quite the adventure, and I really wanted to take Adam and my inlaws. San Juancito is an old mining town up about 14,000 ft in the mountains. There are old graveyards, hotels, and residences from way back in the 19th century. The road up is EXTREMELY steep, curvy, and narrow – so narrow that the supposed 2 lane road, is actually 1 lane, and if a car happens to be coming down while you’re going up, one of you probably has to back up and find a space to pull off tight to the mountain side while the other car passes by just inches from you and the cliff. This time when we went up the second half of the trek, the road had been paved – less adventurous but safer and easier on the truck.

We weren’t disappointed! It was an epic drive up and down, the views were gorgeous, and we had fun exploring old buildings, trails, and water shafts.

The drive TO San Juancito was awesome as well. The roads in Honduras are all so windy and just drop off on one side leaving fantastic views to one side and rising cliffs to the other.

Later that day we ate pupusas and explored the little gift shops in our town.

Sadly, we also witnessed a tragedy that day. On the road between Valle de Angeles and San Juancito dozens of cars were pulled over and when we ourselves stopped and found out that a 15 passenger van had lost control and tumbled backwards off a cliff. They were a group of missionaries that had been there for a couple weeks and they were all packed up and heading to the airport to go home when it happened. It was awful. We felt so bad. Life can change so fast. In an instant. So I leave you with this: We need to live every day as if it were our last. Where are we in life? Who have we wronged? Where are we striving to go?


Sharing the road


Traveling on dirt roads standing on the tailgate.


Mountain heights up to 14,000ft.


Little sister and I


Hubby and I


Exploring mountain roads


An old miner graveyard


He found a snake!




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