It just so happens that I have so many awesome friends involved in many awesome things so that I get to do a wide variety of crazy awesome things with them. 🙂 Last weekend I went to a rodeo in PA with Laura, Marci, Josh, Becca and Sarah. They came out Sabbath, spent the day, and then we all drove the three hours to the rodeo, and then back to our house and they stayed ’til Sunday afternoon. The rodeo was of course alot of fun. It was the best rodeo I’ve been to so far in my opinion. Every time I go to a rodeo I fall in love with country spirit and western style and living all over again. Men in plaid, girls on horses, little kids in cowboy boots, cowboy prayers, and just the atmosphere. I always love it. Josh competed and drew a good bull, but he only got 3 seconds this time. Better luck next time! 🙂 Laura didn’t barrel race, but she wished she would have…and so do I! I miss it. I’d love it. And I’d love to learn to rope…. more ambitions. hehe. We’ll see what the future holds. You never know. 🙂
Sister and I

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