Rock Climbing 800ft. in Adirondack Mtns, NY

(Forgive the video quality and shakiness. Ipods aren’t great, and hanging on the edge of the cliff doesn’t lend to easy videoing!) We trekked up to the Adirondack Mountains this weekend with some good friends of ours. 🙂 We camped out on the ground Saturday night at the base of Chapel Pond’s rock climbing slab. It was a COLD frosty night and we weren’t allowed a camp fire because of silly burn bans that are still in effect, but we all slept fairly well. (Besides the fact that an animal or critter or SOMETHING climbed up on me at about 4am until I threw it off of me and then was kind of paranoid about not knowing what it was…!)
We started climbing the face at about 10ish. Jordan was our lead climber and we all followed up behind him 2 or  3 at a time. It was a pretty sweet climb! Not really vertical, but there weren’t really any hand holds and it was all about trusting your feet placements and friction. It was a long ways up! 800 ft, and about 4 or 5 pitches later, we were up. Took about 5 hours all together I think. The view was gorgeous, but it was getting cold fast so we repelled back down pretty quick. It was an awesome time.
After packing up, walking around in Lake Placid, and grabbing something to eat, we drove back to Albany to pick up my car… but we couldn’t leave without having some fun on the merry-go-round aka…the terror-go-round! What a BLAST! Kennedys had rock climbing rope in the car which we wrapped around the outside of the merry go round, connected it to the back of the car, and then accelerated very quickly which sent the merry-go-round whipping around like crazy! It was awesome! (After my friend did calculations with his teacher, we found out we created 12 G’s of force!!!! That was at the very outside, so we experienced anywhere from 2-10 G’s depending on where we were sitting. We didn’t realize it was that much. It was crazy. hahaha.) We had a blast of course and we’re safe. Always is with great friends like these! 🙂


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