Day 17: Oahu, Hawaii – Tsunami

TSUNAMI WARNING! Okay but I’ll start from the beginning. Went to church this morning, came back for lunch, and then went sailboating with Aunt Lois’ son Chris. It was an awesome experiencing and so relaxing. Nice Sabbath afternoon ride 🙂 It’s pretty complex to learn to sail! …I’d love to do it! hehe. They do moonlight sailing, star watching, racing…all kinds of stuff from the sailboat. No gasonline needed! That’s the way to do it! So yes then after sailing we came back and got ready to leave again. Becca and I took the aunt and uncle out to eat. We went to an Italian place near Waikiki. We had to wait an hour for a table, but it was sooo good! Aunt Lois told them it was my birthday and I had to carry a sign around and alllll the staff were wishing me happy birthday while I danced thru the kitchen. lol. Suddenly, Moana texted me halfway thru our meal asking if i’d heard about the tsunami warning. I said no, and then she said it was a warning for all islands. Becca and I started cracking jokes about it and then started making light of it with our waitress. Then Uncle Jimmy left to make a phone call to get more info, and the waitress came back saying the tsunami warning sirens had just gone off. …we still made light of it. For a while. Then about 15 minutes later the waitress came back and said “so I guess this is actually serious and it’s a big tsunami and um, we have to the restaurant shut down in 40 minutes so as soon as you guys are done let me know so I can wrap it up!” Then she looked at me and was like “what an exciting 21st birthday welcome huh!” hahaha. Long story short, Uncle Jimmy started getting really stressed out and wanting to rush out, so him and Aunt Lois went to get the car while we stayed back waiting for the check. And, they still sang me happy birthday. I told them they better, especially if it was going to be my last birthday. hahaha. ..I said that when they weren’t listening 😉 We left the restaurant just as another siren went off. Everywhere around was being evactuated. The movie theatre, restaurants, stores…the streets were starting to fill up and police sirens were heading out to clear streets and evacuate houses and direct traffic. Becca and I were probably more thrilled and excited then we should’ve been. Why is danger so exciting so much of the time? We wanted to go down to Waikiki and go up to a high floor of one of the hotels and watch, but we didn’t of course. We did however, stop at the gas station on the way home….where cars were lined up in a looong line waiting for gas. Took about 40 minutes to get thru probably. In the meantime, we went in with Uncle Jimmy and bought 6 cases of water. There was a looong line inside there too of people buying food and water. There was such a dangerous thrill in the air! Okay so the first wave was suppoed to hit at 10:28, its midnight here and we’ve barely gotten anything. According to Moana however, Maui got 4-5 foot swells few minutes ago which are very damaging. So we’ll see how this thing turns out. I’m gonna go back to the news.
Line of cars waiting to buy gas after the Tsunami Alarms sounded
Line of cars waiting to buy gas after the Tsunami Alarms sounded


We've got fresh water should we loose power and streets become flooded! (This was only half of the "supply of water" that we bought.
We’ve got fresh water should we loose power and streets become flooded! (This was only half of the “supply of water” that we bought.


"Is this high enough?!"
“Is this high enough?!”



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