La Ceiba

We woke up early from Copan to head to the coast. We had another 7 hour drive to our destination – La Ceiba, where we had rented a house and planned to stay for our last four days in Honduras. Originally we had planned to hike to a waterfall upon our arrival, but our trip took longer than anticipated and it was a rainy day, so we took our time and just relaxed once we got to our house. And by relaxed I mean we had a push up competition to see who could get to 100 pushups first. hahaha. (We didn’t ALL do the pushup competition) In order of completion it was Adam, my father-in-law, Sarah and then myself. But, Sarah and I did get the full 100!! THEN, we relaxed. 🙂

The house was pretty solitary, right on the beach, and massive by Honduran standards. It was beautiful. (It was a home we rented from a Canadian family on

Our first day in La Ceiba, Tuesday, we hiked to a waterfall in the Pico Bonito National Cloud Forest. The mountains in the coastal region are huge, rugged and gorgeous. And they are jungle. When hiking there in the past we’ve heard monkeys and my aunt claims to have seen a black panther as well. This time, we didn’t see any wildlife EXCEPT for two very poisonous snakes. One was right in the path and half of us had already walked over it when it was spotted. It had a nasty trianglular shaped head and a coiled up body. *shudders* Another snake we saw was quite small, but bright yellow and coiled up on a tree. We met some locals on the trail who told us that one bite from that snake would have you going in to shock within 30 minutes and many have died from its bite.

The waterfall was about 300 ft tall. There was no great place to stand and enjoy the view of it, so the few of us who wanted to, scrambled down to the base of the falls and got pounded by the water, and then we all headed back.



The hanging bridge over the Rio Cangrejal


Hiking through the rainforest




El Bejuco Waterfall


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