We left from Syracuse Sunday night with my mom, dad and Alissa. We were all flying on air miles (free travel baby!) and so had an overnight layover in Miami. Stayed at a hotel there overnight (on rewards points…. lol), had a fantastic breakfast and then got on our way for the last leg of the trip to Tegucigalpa, Honduras. There weren’t too many issues besides the usual unreliable-ness of air travel – delayed flights, changed gates, and crazy security lines.

We arrived in Honduras two hours later than planned, but there were still some relatives there waiting for us. My grandpa, some uncles, aunts and cousins. To Adam everything was new and foreign, for me, second nature kicked in. We were greeted with hugs and a kiss on the cheek, walked passed police and military scattered about carrying AK’s, AR’s and shotguns, and got our bags loaded into pickups. Our cousins all piled on top of the luggage and we all crammed into the front of the pickup. Welcome to Central America. 🙂

We grabbed groceries and some food and headed to Valle de Angeles, where my family has a home. As we were unloading, the power went out. My grandpa (who lives in an apartment with my aunt and uncle on the back of our house) said it was happening more frequently and that there was no telling when it would come back on. With the power out, running water was gone, wifi out, and it was pitch black. Dad found some candles and we used them to dig out a couple flashlights from the storage closet. We were dirty and tired from travel and had desperately wanted showers, so for those of us who braved it, it was bucket showers with cold water from the out side “pila.” (A holding tank for water.)

With nothing much to see or do with the power out, we turned in for an early night. And that was day 1 in Honduras!


On our way!


First views of Honduras


Tegucigalpa – Capital City


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